Priya Cherukuru

Executive Director, Facilities Planning

Stanford Healthcare

Priya Cherukuru is a recognized healthcare planner and executive leader at Stanford Medicine. As a certified land use planner (AICP) with more than 20+ years of experience in strategy and capital improvement planning, she is known for bringing creative, innovative, and consensus-based solutions for space needs in highly constrained and regulated hospital and clinical environments.She currently leads the space planning strategy and development of plans and initiatives with a construction budget of over $8 billion with programs planned for the next 20 years and covering a portfolio of over 5M square feet, 3 Hospitals over 170+ clinic sites, and 50 admin sites for its 20,000 employees, faculty, fellows, and residents.Despite having been with Stanford for only 3 years now, she has grown to become a valued and trusted leader across the enterprise and works closely with partners and peers in the School of Medicine, Stanford Medicine Children’s Hospital, Stanford University and Stanford Medicine-Tri-Valley through a collaborative and governance based model of influence and pro-active planning.

Priya has a bachelor’s in architecture, Masters in Urban and Regional Planning and is a certified planner with the American Planners Association (APA). Priya is also the current Chair of the City of Santa Clara, Planning Commission and has served on the Commission for the past 5 years.