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Featuring “TED-inspired” talks and small group discussions led by executives from the nation’s top health systems and beyond, we explore topics that are central to the future of healthcare delivery.

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  • The Time is Now for Digital Transformation in Healthcare Facilities

    Data is not in short supply in Facilities Management. Increasingly, Facilities Managers have access to vast troughs of data. Yet, getting value from this data has been elusive, mostly due to a lack of standardization that would make the data sets correlate. Still, the future of healthcare facilities relies on…

    Modular Construction in Healthcare: Past, Present + Future

    With lower costs, faster delivery times and reduced waste, modular construction offers a wide range of advantages for builders in all industries, including healthcare.  Whether building a temporary hospital or a state-of-the-art health clinic in an urban setting, Grant Geiger, CEO of EIR Healthcare, foresees a rich future for modular…

    7 Ways To Prevent Workplace Violence in Healthcare

    Healthcare workers are four times more likely to be victims of workplace violence than any other traditional private industry workforce. But it doesn't have to be that way. With research, analysis and an eye for innovation, healthcare providers can create cost-effective, safe and secure spaces for employees and patients alike. …

“Well-organized, and thought-provoking– a step up from other conferences, with a much higher level of thinking and exposure. The best conference I’ve been to in a while.”

 – Division Chair of Facilities, Mayo Clinic