Jim Katsandres

Head Evangelist


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Jim Katsandres was a featured speaker at HealthSpaces ’18

Jim Katsandres leads the Developer Relations activities at the Bluetooth SIG. His international team works to provide developers the information and resources they need to create the next generation of Bluetooth enabled products and services.

Katsandres has been in the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and device space for over 25 years working within platform technology, software as a service, embedded original equipment manufacturer, system integrator, independent software vendor and consulting organizations.

Prior to working at the Bluetooth SIG, Katsandres served in senior technology and business positions at Microsoft, ARM, Buddy Platform, BSQUARE, Honeywell, GE Grid and AMTEC (mathematical modeling and optimization consultancy).

Katsandres holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree from the University of Washington. Born in Fairbanks Alaska, he now lives in the Seattle area and enjoys boating and the outdoors with his family.