Denton Wilson



  Denton is a nationally recognized passionate forward thinker, mentor, coach,
and collaborative leader. He has spent over 25 years in the owner’s seat, as well as 5 years on the Architectural/Contractors side. Denton’s focus is on two primary areas – “the project team environment” and “integrated leadership”. We must think holistically, create environments for our teams to drive innovation, and redefine the norm as to drive innovation.

He brings a foundation of over 3 billion in successful collaborative/integrated projects.
Denton’s passion is engaging both EQ and IQ, the understanding of people/environment over technical ability and the requirement of formal structure/organization to align diverse teams.

Denton created a formal structure “the Structure of Collaboration’ that unites
project teams to focus on the “Big P” (the project first always). An assembly of milestone moments that formalize vision, purpose “why”, clarity of roles/responsibilities, structure of the must haves, and formal assessment and adjustment moments.

Denton has been requested twice to come in and ‘re-image” large health system PDC departments to drive the industry forward instead of waiting for change. A lean mindset, formal use of lean tools, a progressive procurement process, true design assist vs design told, TVD “target value delivery”, and collaborative leadership are foundation elements of his journey.

Denton is known to say “collaboration = accountability = measures of accountability “show me your measures”. A true advocate of “hungry, humble, and smart (people smart) drives Denton’s teams to an elevated level of vulnerability and reduced silos of inadequacies. Be sure to talk to Denton about his ‘RFC – request for collaboration” process.

A book called Strength to Strength inspired Denton to shift his focus from being the tip of the spear, to giving back to our industry based on my proud journey. He desires to share openly with those willing/looking for the best foundation no matter the project size or type. He is now a proud mentor, coach, and champion of “integrated leadership”. It must start with the why.”