The Experiences

We produce the following experiences to provide our community with year-round networking and access to cutting-edge content.


A virtual gathering to inspire innovation + collaboration.

Oct 20-21, 2020

Broadcasting to you live, exploring the future of healthcare facilities, and connecting industry peers and partners. Like being at HealthSpaces Live…but not really.

Let’s face the uncertainty and disruption head-on, as a community, and reimagine the future of healthcare facilities.


Carefully curated virtual roundtables.

The HealthSpaces Mastermind Series is a powerful platform for the candid sharing of ideas and best practices. Limited to a select group of healthcare execs and industry partners. Designed to help facilities leaders make faster, better, and more profitable strategic decisions.


Our interactive webcast series.

[coming soon]

A webinar…but not one you’re used to. The Pulse is informative, interactive, and often entertaining. Addressing the challenges facilities leaders face in the most engaging way possible.


“Well-organized and thought-provoking – with a much higher level of thinking and exposure. The best gathering I’ve been to in a while.”

– Division Chair of Facilities, Mayo Clinic


Our signature in-person event.

Nov 7-9, 2021 – Austin, TX

A carefully curated retreat, bringing the sharpest minds in healthcare facilities together in an intimate and collaborative setting.

What HealthSpaces Live looks like.
Currently on hiatus…but will be back better + stronger in 2021!

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Navigate the disruption underway. Together.


HealthSpaces is a collaborative community for planning, design, construction, facilities, and operations leaders from the nation’s top healthcare organizations.